An evaluation tool for subjective quality parameters of PETs, based on a user-centered design process.

For users, the interface of a technology is the technology. The acceptance, usage and success of privacy-enhancing technologies (PET) depend on the experience of the users: Can the PET increase the feeling of reliability, confidentiality, integrity, security, trust and privacy? To answer this question and in order to optimize the user experience (UX) through changes in the user interface that enable a usable and accessible application, developers need to be able to evaluate the subjective quality parameters of PETs.

Until now there are no such evaluation guidelines and recommendations for PETs. We want to change that and develop a PET-evaluation box with data-driven guidelines and recommendations. These guidelines and recommendations will be available online and open-source and can be used by developers of PETs to evaluate the quality parameteres (UX) of their applications.

To ensure a user-centered development of the tool, we will conduct a broad user research phase of six months to elicit requirements among both developers and users of PETs. From the results and insights, we will derive guidelines and recommendations to include user requirements in the design of PETs.

Why PET developers should use PET-eval to evaluate quality parameters of their applications.

1. Developers have an idea for a new PET or they want to measure an already existing one.

2. The new data-based guidelines and reccomendations can be used to evaluate  the UX.

3. A good user experience (UX) helps users to better understand the principle and features of PETs.

We merge qualitative and quantitative data collection approaches to develop an evaluation tool that enables PET developers to better understand the user’s perspective and on the other side helps users to better understand the importance of privacy enhancing technologies.

If you are interested in our project outcomes or you would like to talk about a possible cooperation in form of user testing for your PET, you can reach us via the E-Mail address below.


Marc Busch

Marc Busch, MSc.
Project Lead

Marc Busch, MSc.
Project Lead

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