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Your recommended method

Based on your answers, the user research wizard recommends using Experience Sampling.

Experience sampling is a method from psychology, in which participants / users are asked to provide information about their thoughts, feelings, behaviors currently affecting them and/or the environment in which they currently find themselves.

The method is particularly well suited for gaining a realistic insights over a longer period of time.

It provides mainly qualitative insights (subjective reports), but can also be used for quantitative questions (e.g. measurement of current state of mind by means of rating scales or tracking of sensor data).


Number of participants

Based on your answers and the description you provided, the user research wizard recommends involving between 8-12 users over a period of 2 weeks.

Add-Ons / Tools

For implementing the Experience Sampling Method (ESM), the user research wizard recommends using the following freely available and flexible tool:



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How to use tools for Experience Sampling: read more
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Course of action:

1. Start by reading this intro on Experience Sampling to familiarise yourself with the method: Link to general intro

2. Download the recommended tool / software here: AWARE –

3. Set up the research using the AWARE tool

4. Conduct the research

5. Analyze the data and uncover insights about the product and your users

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