The formal care sector in Europe will need an additional 4.1 million caregivers by 2030 to meet the needs of an aging population. Trust is critical in the care industry, but recruiting trusted caregivers is a time- consuming and costly process.
The aim of the HEROES project is the development of a platform for the recruitment and placement of caregivers, which draws on the expertise and experience of two key population groups for the selection of suitable candidates:
  • Persons aged 50+: often themselves faced with the situation of having to organize an informal / formal caregiver to support a close relative (e.g., their parents).
  • Persons with a professional background in care: this includes formal caregivers such as certified healthcare workers, (geriatric) nurses and nursing assistants.
These two groups (called reviewers) will be actively involved in the screening and selection of candidates, for example through the evaluation of video interviews, and are thus foreseen to make an important contribution to speeding up the recruitment process and the placement of suitable nurses.
The HEROES project aims to improve the social, economic, and emotional well-being of older people by connecting them with families and care organizations in need of caregivers and helping them become “on-demand interviewers” from their own homes.

The 5 project dimensions:

Social purpose

We see helping organizations and families take care of others as a long- term meaningful activity.

On-demand technologies

In the context of COVID-19, remote work has become mainstream. HEROES is an innovative age-friendly solution that enables reviewers of any age to work remotely in evaluating caregiver candidates by using on- demand interview technology.

Action-oriented learning

Step-by-step virtual coach for persons aged 50+ that engages them in action learning tasks (prepare – act – think – reflect).

Actionable insights

Using big data and analytics to measure the social, economic, and emotional impact of work interactions on the well-being of persons aged 50+ will also provide actionable insights to policymakers.


Co-creation and cross-generational. Persons 50+ are systematically involved in the co-design of the solution, which is then implemented in hackathons by local developer communities. (Hackathon = collaborative development events, with the goal of jointly producing useful, creative, or entertaining software products).


If you are interested in our research results or in participating in workshops / discussions, please contact us via e-mail:

Dr. Valentin Gattol

Dr. Valentin Gattol
at rapid user feedback

Dr. Valentin Gattol
at rapid user feedback

Cooperative research project

This project is being carried out as a cooperative research project, funded by the AAL Association and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency – FFG; project number: 883518. The project coordinator is The Care Hub SRL (Romania). For more information on the participating companies and the project duration and funding budget, please visit the AAL website:

This project is funded by the AAL Association (

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