Emotion Measurement

We offer two different methods for measuring emotions, which we have analyzed in the course of research projects and partly adapted for practical use.

Tools and Instruments for Measuring Emotions

For a qualitative and quantitative self-description of emotional states and emotional reactions to certain stimuli (e.g., people or products), we use the following two measurement instruments:

The Geneva Emotion Wheel (GEW, Scherer, 2005; Sacharin, Schlegel, & Scherer, 2012) was adapted by us as a kind of “board game of emotions” specifically for use in interviews, workshops, and focus groups. It allows people to determine their feelings or emotional reactions during and after using an application or technology.

The Product Emotion Measurement Instrument (PrEmo, Desmet, 2004; Desmet & Laurans, 2017) is another method for determining emotional states and emotional reactions to (new) products, services, and technologies, which we extended to include written emotion descriptors on the cards for better understanding.

Particularly suitable for:

  • For a comprehensive, scientifically sound classification and description of emotional experience
  • As an impulse or trigger for discussion in group settings


  • Individual and group settings
  • In the lab at rapid user feedback or via video connection

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