Prototyping & Interaction Design

For a quick and easy visualization of user interfaces.

Click Prototypes & Wireframes

With digital click prototypes and wireframes, interactions of apps or websites can be demonstrated very quickly and easily. This makes it possible to digitize ideas at a very early stage and gather initial user feedback. With the collaborative tool Figma (or also with other tools like Adobe XD or Sketch) it is possible to bring such prototypes to life. Without a lot of programming, we can define interactions and users get an authentic click experience. Since Figma is a free online tool (limited license), we also offer workshops to enable our customers to create such prototypes quickly and easily.

Particularly suited for:

  • Digital representations of initial ideas or sketches into clickable prototypes
  • For apps, websites and landing pages to be used in the course of moderated user tests or workshops


  • rapid user feedback creates prototypes based on sketched ideas / first visualizations
  • rapid user feedback supports customers with workshops in the field of click prototyping, for the own creation of click prototypes

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