How do users feel when they interact with a digital application? The so-called user experience (UX) is crucial to develop and improve new apps, platforms, hardware and software, as well as games and digital business applications, and to successfully establish them on the market or in a company.

Within the project “rapid ux-score” from rapid user feedback GmbH, a UX measuring instrument is being developed, which enables companies and organizations to measure the UX of their digital solutions practically and quickly throughout their entire product life cycle.

In the quest of data-driven decisions, development and design, modern organizations need to quantify their users’ experiences.

Currently, there is no solution for fast and reliable UX measurement of
digital products.

rapid ux-score merges data science with user experience and introduces UX as a key performance indicator to global businesses.

If you are interested in our research findings or you would like to talk about a possible cooperation in form of a pilot project, you can reach us via the E-Mail address below.

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