Frequently asked questions

Where do you get the users for your tests?

We have a diverse pool of test persons for user tests, which we have built up over the years and are constantly expanding. We will contact all test persons personally and in a targeted manner. We stand for authentic user feedback from real people from all environments and realities. That is why we have strict quality criteria: We do our best to avoid including test persons in our pool who take part in user tests solely because of the expense allowance or who very often take part in market research studies, surveys or product tests. Our users are invited to user tests as rarely as possible, so that we achieve the most genuine results possible. We would be happy to clarify all details about our test person pool in a personal discussion.

What do users get for participating in user tests?

The users receive an expense allowance in form of vouchers for participating in user tests. The exact amount of the allowance is tiered according to the length and scope of the user tests. Feel free to contact us for more details.

How much does a user test cost?

Our prices are transparent and depend primarily on the number of users, length and scope of the user tests. We offer special prices for startups. Receive a non-binding offer.

With how many users are user tests carried out on?

Most tests can be performed with a number of 5 to 15 users. With early prototypes, fewer users are often enough to receive meaningful feedback. Consumer products often require more users than the business sector.

Can I do user tests myself?

Yes, many teams even have their own specialists for this. We know from experience that it is often easier for people who are otherwise not involved in product development to obtain genuine, honest user feedback. However, we also offer tailor-made workshops and training courses to integrate user research into your teams. Just ask via the contact form and we will be happy to contact you with more details.

Where are the user tests carried out?

Exactly there, where the product will be used: at home, at work or on the go. We go wherever the users are. We do not believe in artificial test environments and make all user tests as authentic and undistorted as possible.

How developed must a prototype be to be tested by users?

The rule of thumb is: the earlier the user feedback, the lower the cost of changes. We can also carry out user tests with very early prototypes (sometimes only drawn on paper) in order to receive meaningful feedback.

How do you do the user tests?

We develop a test plan based on the requirements of our customers: We let users try out prototypes, give them tasks that should be solved, observe them in the interaction, ask specific questions and finally conduct an interview. We identify problems in the user interface (usability / user experience) and in all other relevant questions (pricing, business model, additional functions and integrations). We are based on the ISO 9241 standard, an international standard for guidelines for human-computer interaction.

How quickly can you deliver results on user feedback?

We are dynamic and flexible and are geared towards your development roadmap. We can deliver results of an average user test within 5 working days of placing the order. If you want to go faster, just talk to us and we will find a solution!

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