Quick UX Check

For startups, online stores and website operators.

New website or app? Have the user experience (UX) quickly and easily tested now!

From Science to Business.

We are following the ISO 9241 standard, an international standard for human-computer interaction guidelines.

Digital apps and websites

Perfect for digital startups, website and online store owners.

Recruitment of users

We recruit the right users for your UX Check through our own  User Feedback Lab.

User feedback in just 3 steps

Quick status quo > UX Check implementation > Tangible feedback

Actionable Recommendations

We provide you with user feedback in a clear and pragmatic way.

Subsidized consulting for Viennese companies

rapid user feedback GmbH is in the pool of companies from which you can receive management consulting services subsidized by the WKW (Vienna Chamber of Commerce). This enables companies located in Vienna to get partly reimbursed for hours incurred during an innovation consulting. More details can be found here.

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Why user feedback?

Find out what users think about your product.

User research gives you quick and easy access to authentic feedback from real users on the usability and user experience (UX) of your app, website or store.

In addition, user research is often the basis for further development and new features (ideation & co-creation).

To conduct the UX Check, we use only scientifically validated questionnaires and measurement tools.

Through our own research and development in the area of user and design research, we always remain at the cutting edge for our customers.

The Quick UX Check.

What is included in the Quick UX?

The Quick UX Check combines insights from experienced UX experts and authentic feedback from users.

UX Expert Review

An experienced UX expert evaluates the product according to Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics.

User Test

In addition to the expert review, the product is tested and evaluated with a total of 3 users in moderated user tests at our User Feedback Lab.

What does the UX Check do for me?

Your benefits of a Quick UX Check.

For startups with digital apps

Convince users and investors

Convince users and investors with a good UX of your app and avoid usability problems.

For website operators

Improve the UX and increase traffic

Improve your website UX and make it easier for your audience to interact with your website.

For online store operators

Increase the conversion rate through good UX

Improve your store’s UX and thereby boost your conversion rate and sales.

UX Check in 3 steps!

Results within 5 days


1. Kick-Off

You leave us a non-binding request via the contact form below. Afterwards we will arrange a kick-off meeting via Google Meet (duration 45 minutes). In this meeting we clarify the details – UX Quick Check guidelines, implementation and evaluation – and go through your requirements together:

      • Who is the target group?
      • What are the user goals?
      • Which tasks / use cases should be evaluated? (max. 5)

After the kick-off meeting you will receive an email with the schedule. The requested service becomes binding only after your confirmation by email.


2. Implementation UX Quick Check

rapid user feedback GmbH conducts the expert review and the moderated user / usability tests. The recruitment of test persons and the remuneration for their time (10 EUR per participant / 15 EUR when testing on several devices) are included in the price. The complete implementation is carried out by experienced UX experts from rapid user feedback. The data protection regulations according to GDPR and ethical guidelines will be adhered to!



3. Tangible Feedback

The results of the Quick UX Check are clearly presented in a slideset (PDF report) and emailed to you within 5 business days of order acceptance. The report contains the following contents:

      • Key findings summarized in Executive UX Summary
      • Results & recommendations from the Expert Review
      • Results & recommendations from the User Tests


Price and Service Details

How much does the Quick UX Check cost?

1.799,00 EUR *

* with voucher | without 1.999,00 EUR

The price is net, plus 20% VAT and includes the following services: Conducting a UX Expert Review on a device + recruiting 3 users from our User Feedback Lab Panel + conducting 3 moderated user tests on a device (max. 5 tasks) + creating a standardized report with results and actionable recommendations. Condition for the successful implementation is that the system (the app, the website or the online store) can be accessed online. For apps, it is also possible to test a beta version, but this must be made available via a link or by means of an invitation code.

What services does the Quick UX Check include?

UX Expert Review

      • An experienced UX expert from rapid user feedback conducts a heuristic evaluation with your product. For this we use Jakob Nielsen’s Usability Heuristics, which are well established in science and practice.
      • Based on the findings we create a report: UX / usability problems are documented with screenshots, described and classified by severity (0-4). Additionally, you will receive a recommendation on how to solve the respective problem.

User Tests with 3 Users

      • Recruitment of users via a random sample from our panel: user-feedback.at/lab
      • Standardized study guide. Scientifically based questionnaire on usability and UX.
      • max. 5 tasks / use cases (explanation see FAQ section below)
      • Based on the user feedback we create a detailed report: UX / Usability problems are documented with screenshots, our notes from the observation as well as quotes from the think-aloud protocols, described and classified by severity (0-4).
      • In addition, you will receive a recommendation on how to solve the respective problem.
      • Quantitative evaluation of ease-of-use (per task) and user experience of the overall system (across all 5 tasks)


      • Most important results summarized in Executive UX Summary (information on approach, overall impression & selected insights)
      • Results & recommendations from the Expert Review (annotated screenshots)
      • Results & recommendations from the User Tests (annotated screenshots, notes, user quotes, quantitative evaluation of ease-of-use & the user experience of the overall system)



How do we define a task / use case for user tests?
A task is a goal-oriented activity that users carry out as part of the user test. A task usually consists of several steps that a user has to go through in order to achieve the task goal. Example task: “register at website” > Steps: (1) Create username and password (2) Confirm password (3) Confirm email address (4) Login to page.

How does the report look like with results and actionable recommendations?

Here you can see a sample of a report.

What is meant by qualitative & quantitative?
The UX Quick Check includes both qualitative insights (annotated screenshots, notes and quotes from the user tests) and quantitative insights (evaluations of ease-of-use and the user experience of the overall system). In addition, we provide concrete recommendations for solving each UX problem and summarize the most important results in the UX Executive Summary.

Please provide us with the following details so that we can prepare the kick-off meeting:

Is your product a website / online store, an app or another product?

Should the website / online shop be tested on one or two devices?

On which device should we test the website / online shop?

On which devices should we test the website / online shop?

What is the status of your app?

Should we test you app on iOS or Android?

Should the app be tested on one or two devices?

On which device should we test the app?

On which system should we test the beta app?

Should the beta app be tested on one or two devices?

On which device should we test the beta app?

Do you have a voucher code?

The Quick UX Check is a service by rapid user feedback GmbH, tailored especially to young startups and operators of online stores and websites. The complete user research portfolio of rapid user feedback can be found on our Webpage.

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