User & Usability Tests

For different phases of product development we offer moderated User & Usability Tests and Expert Reviews.

Moderated User Tests

Moderated User Tests are a qualitative user research method in which a product or service (e.g. an app) is tested together with a user under the guidance of a moderator. This makes it possible to support the test participants in case of difficulties, which is especially important for early prototypes, and also, to specifically follow up on emerging problems in use: what are the users’ requirements (“needs”) and what barriers exist (“frictions”)? Recommended sample size for moderated user tests: 5-8 persons.

Particularly suitable for:

  • Almost every phase in the product development process (e.g., for early prototypes or more mature products)
  • Deeper problem analyses (“needs” and “frictions”), where individual and flexible responses to the user are required.


  • Individual session with the interviewee
  • In the lab at rapid user feedback or via video connection

Expert Reviews

The Expert Review method is best suited for obtaining quick yet well-founded feedback from experts. Experts put themselves in the role of potential users and evaluate various elements of a product or service (e.g., a website or app) using so-called heuristics (“rules of thumb”), such as Jakob Nielsen’s usability heuristics (, which are well established in science and practice. In addition, the knowledge and experience of the experts flows into the evaluations. In the case of rapid user feedback, these are experts with many years of experience in the fields of UX research, human-computer interaction and psychology.

Particularly suitable for:

  • Fast and independent feedback on existing usability problems
  • Almost every phase in the product development process (e.g., early prototypes, but also more mature products)


  • Experts from rapid user feedback evaluate the product / service / prototype

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