From Science to Business

Our current research focuses.

We build a bridge between science and business. With our “From Science to Business” approach, we research methods and develop digital solutions to translate scientific instruments into daily business practice. Our focus is on:

How do users feel when they interact with a digital application? The so-called user experience (UX) is crucial to develop and improve new apps, platforms, hardware and software, as well as games and digital business applications, and to successfully establish them on the market or in a company.

Within the project “rapid ux-score” from rapid user feedback GmbH, a UX measuring instrument is being developed, which enables companies and organizations to measure the UX of their digital solutions practically and quickly throughout their entire product life cycle. read more

Technology acceptance can be predicted and actively influenced during development. Scientific models of technology acceptance can significantly improve the quality of interactive applications, even at an early stage of development. Wrong developments can be avoided and costs saved.

Rapid user feedback GmbH analyzes over 30 years of research in the field of technology acceptance modeling and develops a modern technology acceptance model for four areas of application: digital innovations, games, e-commerce and B2B software. read more 

The formal care sector in Europe will need an additional 4.1 million caregivers by 2030 to meet the needs of an aging population. Trust is critical in the care industry, but recruiting trusted caregivers is a time- consuming and costly process.

The aim of the HEROES project is the development of a platform for the recruitment and placement of caregivers, which draws on the expertise and experience of two key population groups for the selection of suitable candidates. read more 

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