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Research Projects

From Science to Business.

User Research as a Service

We close the gap between product development and users. Are you developing a new product, offering a new service or do you have an idea for a product innovation? With user feedback you receive a direct response from your future users – quick and easy. The early involvement of users in product development helps you avoiding misdevelopments, saving costs and bringing better products to the market.

Surveys & Interviews

Gain insights about motives, needs and requirements of your target group.

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Through conducting surveys with the target group, insights are gained about their motives, needs, requirements and wishes. Surveys are quantitative and can be conducted with 100 to 500 users. Interviews are qualitative and conducted with 8 to 10 users.

UX-Prototypes & Mockups

Quick visualization of user interfaces, interactions or workflows of your digital solution.

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A way to quickly illustrate what your user interfaces, interactions or workflows for your software or application look like, to receive quick user feedback. With UX prototypes and mockups potential users get a feeling of using your product and its features.


Reveal potential problems in your solution already in early stages of development.

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Usability tests can reveal potential problems in the application, already in early stages of product development. 6 people are invited per test and observed in the typical interaction with a software or app to ask about barriers and problems.

Data Insights

Well-compiled data & its visualization is a main part of modern digital solutions.

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Well-compiled data and its visualization is at the heart of many modern web applications and dashboards. To derive good insights, information and a basis for decision making, data must be aesthetically and informatively prepared.


Digital Innovations

User feedback for apps and innovative technologies for end users.

Game User Research

Optimise the player experience (PX) through game user research (GUR).


Optimise your online customer experience (OCX) through user research.

B2B Software

User feedback for enterprise software solutions and B2B platforms.

A lot has changed in the year 2020, but one thing is certain: Early user feedback is essential in order to develop products, services, processes and business models that attract users in the long term. This applies for business solutions, as well as applications that are used in a private context. That is why we started rolling out a virtual user research service in November 2020. (Details currently only available in German)

Real users in real contexts.

We bring: “Real users in real contexts.” With the User Lab we stand for authentic user feedback from real people from all environments and realities. The tests are carried out exactly there, where the product will be used: at home, at work or on the go. We go wherever the users are. We do not believe in artificial test environments and make all user tests as authentic and undistorted as possible.

RESEARCH PROJECTS  |  From Science to Business.

We build a bridge between science and business. With our “From Science to Business” approach, we are currently researching methods and developing digital solutions for translating scientific instruments into daily business practice, with a focus on the following areas:


How do users feel when they interact with a digital application? The so-called user experience (UX) is crucial to develop and improve new apps, platforms, hardware and software, as well as games and digital business applications, and to successfully establish them on the market or in a company.

Within the project “rapid ux-score” from rapid user feedback GmbH, a UX measuring instrument is being developed, which enables companies and organizations to measure the UX of their digital solutions practically and quickly throughout their entire product life cycle. read more

Technology acceptance can be predicted and actively influenced during development. Scientific models of technology acceptance can significantly improve the quality of interactive applications, even at an early stage of development. Wrong developments can be avoided and costs saved.

Rapid user feedback GmbH analyzes over 30 years of research in the field of technology acceptance modeling and develops a modern technology acceptance model for four areas of application: digital innovations, games, e-commerce and B2B software. read more 

Older people are an increasingly relevant target group for digital innovations, products and services. But most technologies are not yet well tailored to their needs. With modern user research methods, the needs and requirements of older people can be well understood and digital offers can then be tailored to this target group.

In this project we carry out a detailed analysis of the psychology of this target group and develop new methods in user-centered design in order to put the “best agers” at the center of technology development. read more

Why you should work with us

Marc Busch

R&D lead, Tests & Analyses

Marc is a psychologist with over 8 years of experience in implementing user research and user tests. With empathy and sensitivity, he gets authentic and genuine insight directly from the users. Marc works with qualitative research techniques as well as with quantitative research methods, such as experiments, hypothesis-based data collection and scientifically based user experience measuring instruments to improve products and new ideas.

Marco della Schiava

Strategy & Design

Marco is a specialist for user-centered design and the early involvement of users in the product development process. Marco helps new businesses and technology developments with his in-depth knowledge in the areas of corporate financing and corporate design. He lives for agile iteration: finding out what users really need – quickly implementing it – learning through user testing – and bringing improved products to the market.

Christine Kipke

Tests & Analyses

Christine loves the direct contact with customers and users and has extensive international experience in sales and business development. She supports organisations in the implementation of customer-centric processes and in the implementation of innovations based on holistic user research. As a certified expert (CPUX-F = Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience), she regularly trains in the field of user testing.

Astrid Meisslitzer

Research Operations

Astrid is an expert in the analysis and optimization of processes, projects and products. With a vast experience in the areas of logistics and shipping, Astrid brings the research panel to life, with a focus on special target groups and contexts for user research. Astrid lives experimental methods and has committed herself to the mission of rapid user feedback: collecting authentic and real insights from various users and target groups.

Christina Ragg

User Feedback Lab

Christina supports rapid user feedback especially in the coordination and organization of the User Feedback Lab, an expert platform for testing of new technologies and digital innovations. Her expertise is planning and the coordination of complex project processes. In the past years she sharpened her skills in this field in the areas of logistics management and quality assurance.

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